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Prophecy Conference

In April of 2023, Piney Grove Baptist Church will host a Prophecy Conference entitled, End Times Happening, Happening NOW!  This Conference will be for both Swansboro and the surrounding region.  The Conference will feature Pastor Mark Henry of Mark Henry Ministries, Pastor Billy Crone of Get A Life Ministries, Inc. and Ken Mikle, representative for Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markell. These men are well versed on the current events in our World and how they are lining up with the Prophetic Scriptures of God's Word, the Bible.  The Conference will be free, however, seating is limited therefore registration will be required in order to reserve a seat for all who wish to attend.  The dates for registration will be posted soon here on our website.  It is our desire that ALL would know that we are approaching the final hours on God's Prophetic Timeline for this world. Make your plans to attend!  We look forward to meeting you! 

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